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Article: Prepping Feet for the Winter Months

Prepping Feet for the Winter Months

Prepping Feet for the Winter Months

Winter is close upon us and there are a lot of things people do to prepare for the season. Christmas shopping is usually at the top of the list, along with getting out the winter clothes and even changing to snow tires on your car.

But one thing many people will often overlook on their winter prep list is preparing your skin for the havoc that the dry winter months can cause, specifically to your feet.

Is there any worse feeling than getting into your bed at night, sliding your feet around to warm them up and getting them snagged on your sheets? It’s a terrible feeling!

Find out what causes dry, cracked winter feet and how you can prepare and protect your feet for the cold winter months.

What causes dry, cracked feet in the winter?

Those dry patches and cracks that get caught on your sheets are a common symptom caused by the cold, dry air that comes along with the winter months. Winter weather can cause the natural oils found in your skin to disappear, and since your feet are already prone to being dry, they can really suffer during the winter months.

If you are one of the many struggling with dehydrated feet in the winter, you are not alone. To help, we’ve put together a list of a few tips and tricks that can help you prepare your feet for the winter months.

How to Prepare your Feet for the Winter

Properly preparing your feet for the dry air and cold temperature that the winter months bring is essential to your skin health. For soft smooth feet during the winter, preparation is key.

Here are our top three tips that will not only prepare your feet for the winter, but heal miserably dry feet. We will also provide you with a list of products that are guaranteed to turn your feet into the smoothest and softest feet of your dreams.

3 Tips to Heal Dry Winter Feet

Tip #1 - Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!

If you can’t tell from the title, the key to soft smooth feet in the winter is moisturizing! As a fellow victim of dry and miserable winter feet, I have tried so many store-bought solutions to soften and hydrate my feet.

From foot soaks, foot files, scaling, Vaseline, foot masks, and even salon pedicures, I’ve searched for the ultimate cure to heal my dry winter feet. And guess what? It worked.

Unfortunately, my solution only worked for a short time. Before I knew it, my feet were back to their rough texture. Don’t get me wrong, my feet were definitely softer and smoother, but the results didn’t last long.

I spent so much time and money chasing after smooth, soft feet, only to come up short. Alas, what I really wanted and needed was something with better quality ingredients and longer-lasting results—so I created a product line dedicate to our feet and offering just that.

Tip #2 - Exfoliate Often

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First, you are going to want to remove any built-up dry skin and calluses so your moisturizer can penetrate your skin and be the most effective. For this we recommend Roots & Bloom’s Multi-Acid Treatment, a very gentle foot peel that’s quick and easy to use.

You simply take one of these marinated pads and swipe it across your feet before going to bed, allowing a minute or two for it to absorb and dry. It does double duty by cleaning and also exfoliating the skin. In four to five days most of the dead and dry skin should be loose enough to remove quickly with a pumice stone.

Tip #3 - Regular Maintenance is Key

Afterwards to maintain the smoothness you would begin to apply the Roots & Bloom Resurfacing Pads once a day preferably before bed to keep the exfoliation process going. However, you’ll also want to work in the Hydration Oil, perhaps after your shower or bath to continue to keep your feet not only smooth by well moisturized and soft as well.

Roots & Bloom Dry Foot Solution

Roots and Bloom products were designed with high-quality and longevity in mind. This makes them the perfect solution to heal stubborn dry cracked winter feet.

Our Roots & Bloom footcare products utilize skin-grade ingredients to keep your feet moisturized, soft, and smooth without the need to use countless different products. They also promote healthy foot care habits by preventing the need for vigorous and harmful scaling of tough skin—which ultimately does more harm than good. In fact, the manual scaling of dry feet will actually result in even drier, more damaged feet.

Don’t believe us? Check out our previous blog on on the dangers of Pedicures and why they do more harm than good.

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If you’ve spend the night awkwardly sleeping with Vaseline wrapped feet—you are not alone. Good news—that ends today!

Incorporating Roots and Bloom Foot Therapy to your self-care regimen for the winter months, can do wonders for your skin. Smooth, silky feet are possible this winter with Roots & Bloom foot care products. You and your feet will be so happy you did!

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