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Article: The importance of foot care for overall health

The importance of foot care for overall health

The importance of foot care for overall health

Foot health maintains and determines overall body health. Feet are important for maintaining balance, posture, and support. They are really complex and also the foundation of the entire body. You must check and take care of your feet regularly. 

Your feet are composed of 200 muscles, 50 bones, 60 joints, tendons, and ligaments. Poor foot health prevents proper physical activity. It also triggers the rate of infections and increases the risk of other diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, and muscle loss. 

This article will analyze the importance of foot care, problems, causes, and preventive measures to take care of your feet. 

How can neglected foot care affect your overall health?

I am going to share about neglected foot care, which can affect and cause many health issues due to ill-fitting shoes and a neglected foot care routine.

  • Neglected behavior toward feet can trigger foot problems and diseases such as blisters, ingrown toenails, mallet toes, calluses, bunions, hammertoes, and athlete's foot. 
  • Foot problems can also affect foot mobility. This can make it harder to participate in physical activities, such as simple walks and exercises. 
  • The reduced movement and walking are also effective but do not improve overall body health. 
  • It can lead to various infections due to poor blood circulation. 
  • Feet health clues your overall body health. Due to improper care, Joint stiffness can also be observed in the feet. 

Everyday foot care problems and their causes

Following are the common foot care problems that are happening and increasing due to the following causes;

  • Ingrown Toenails

  • Ingrown toenails are a condition that usually happens due to unhygienic foot care, injury, shoe pressure, and fungus infections. To treat this condition, select and wear shoes and trim your fingernails properly. Moreover, you have to follow a proper foot care routine to avoid it. 

  • Athlete's foot:

  • It's a condition in which the fungus molds grow mostly between the soles, toes, and toenails. The number of acute fungal infections is increasing daily. It's usually caused by friction, unhygienic conditions, and wet feet. 

  • Stress Fractures 

  • These are the types of fractures that happen due to incomplete bone cracks in the feet. This situation can be treated with extra-padded shoes and rest. 

  • Plantar Fasciitis

  • It's a condition that causes inflammation in the feet and heels. Feet injuries and improper foot care can lead to plantar Fasciitis. Proper foot care and proper shoe size can resolve this problem. 

  • Hammertoe

  • It happens due to muscle imbalance. It mostly happens whenever you bend the toe in a claw-like position. You can manage to deal with this foot issue by choosing the right shoes and socks. 

  • Corns and Calluses

  • These actually result in the covering of compact and dead skin on the foot skin. It usually happens due to rubbing and other unhealthy foot care routines. 

  • Other foot problems;

  • Aside from these problems, depending on the type of foot neglected care routine, many other major issues can also arise. 

    How do you diagnose and treat foot problems?

    • Detecting foot problems can be difficult; however, you need to seek help from a Doctor for a complete checkup and diagnosis.
    • You can consult with the physician to know about the exact problem. 
    • Follow prescribed medications to diagnose and treat fractures, ulcers, and nail and skin diseases. 
    • Seek assistance from the surgeries to deal with foot problems such as hammertoes, bunions, infections, and claw toes.

    Preventive measures for maintaining healthy feet

    By taking care of your feet, you can prevent many problems and health issues. The right foot care routine and preventive measures can ensure the maintenance of healthy feet. 

  • Selection of Footwear:

  • When it comes to footwear, choose comfortable shoes. Don't constantly switch to heels and poorly fitting shoes. Select a pair of shoes that perfectly fits your feet. Improper shoe selection, such as wearing high heels and poorly fitting shoes, might cause many foot problems. 

  • Foot exercises

  • Exercise daily and stretch your feet regularly to strengthen your foot muscles and improve your foot flexibility. 

  • Healthy weight balance

  • Maintaining your body weight is a healthy choice. If you put on additional weight, it can place additional strain on your feet.

  • Maintain foot hygiene

  • It's essential to maintain good foot hygiene regularly. Trim your nails properly, keep your feet clean regularly, choose a good moisturizer, and apply it daily. 

    Wear clean shoes. Fungal infections are the most common example due to a poor hygienic environment. As a result, your foot might get cracked or discolored. 

  • Physical medications and foot care products

  • If you have foot problems, you can choose to use physical medication and rehabilitation. Try to use pepper foot care products. 

  • Visit a podiatrist  

  • Either way, if you don't have any specific foot problems, you must prefer to make regular visits to the podiatrist. Early detection of foot problems can be helpful in Preventing future issues. 

    In order to maintain foot health, it's important to follow up and regularly check your feet.

    Foot care tips for different age groups

    Taking care of your feet is essential by following our proper health routines. Following are the foot care tips according to different age groups;

  • Babies 

  • Babies' feet are small, soft, and have undeveloped bones. So it's important to take care of them and move them freely so they can grow smoothly. This will help the baby strengthen its feet and muscles. Choose loose-fitting socks and shoes for them. Make sure to wash and keep them clean. 

  • Toddler's

  • Toddlers start to walk at this age, so caring for their feet is necessary. Make sure to check your toddler's feet for signs of infection, blisters, or other foot conditions. Please help them to move and exercise their feet. Wear them loose 

  • Children

  • Now, feet are not like the feet of babies. They need special care, proper hygiene, and proper shoes. Podiatrists can provide care and tips to maintain healthy feet growth.

  • Teenagers

  • During the teenage period, feet sweat more. At this age, try to wear shoes that are perfectly fitted and comfortable. Keep your shoes clean inside and out. Use a good moisturizer and prevent fungal infections. 

  • Adult's

  • You must wear the right shoe fits. Men are less concerned than women. It increases the risk of foot infections, blisters, and cracked heels. Footwear should not force the feet into unnatural positions. 

  • Older age people

  • Aging is a necessary process, but proper care can delay it. People in this age group usually suffer from diabetic feet, nerve damage, weakness, and ulcers. Wear appropriate, fitted, comfortable shoes, and keep your feet clean. 

    The importance of regular foot exams with a Podiatrists

    The doctors can check and monitor your Foot problems and conditions through proper and regular foot exams. If you don't pay any attention to your foot health, it can also cause other serious health problems. It can also disrupt the quality of life. 

    Through regular foot checks, doctors can immediately detect and reduce the risk of foot infections. Make sure to visit a podiatrist at least two times a year. 

    Wrapping up

    Foot care is essential for maintaining other body functions and health. It is important for all age groups. Make sure to get the perfect shoe choice accordingly. Maintain a healthy body weight. Wash thoroughly, dry, and keep your feet moisturized. 

    If you maintain your feet improperly, you can face different health and foot concerns. Make sure that you visit and get regular checkups from a podiatrist. 

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