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Article: Exfoliating foot pads Vs. Pedicures for foot care

Exfoliating foot pads Vs. Pedicures for foot care

Exfoliating foot pads Vs. Pedicures for foot care

Exfoliating foot pads and pedicures are helpful to get smooth, clean, and healthy feet. Exfoliating pads are known for removing dead skin. They also keep your feet healthy. However, the Pedicures are often taken from a salon. It also includes nail care steps in it too such as trimming, buffing, and applying nail paints. 

In this article, we will compare the detailed analysis of exfoliating foot pads and pedicures. This will help us understand their processes, costs, pros, and cons in detail. 

Differences between exfoliating foot pads and pedicures

Exfoliating foot pads:

  • Ingredients:

  • The ingredients vary for each type of exfoliating foot pads. Its ingredients include Lactic Acid, benzoate, glycol, specific fragrances, glycerin, salicylic acid, special ingredients, sodium citrate arginine, etc. 

  • Application process:

  • You have to apply or attach the foot pads to your feet. Keep them on your feets for about half an hour. Follow all the instructions, procedures and steps mentioned on the packaging. This will allow the skin to peel off. Afterward, you can use the lotion and keep these feet covered. 

  • Time required for results:

  • You can see the expected results within 14 days. However, exfoliating foot pads typically require about 30 to 40 minutes for the application. 

  • Types of exfoliating foot pads:

  • There are different types of exfoliating foot pads, that are classified according to the brand, type and its ingredients, such as lavender, tea tree, milky, organic, and other inorganic exfoliating foot pads. 


  • Tools and equipments:

  • Some tools and equipment are required for pedicures to do all the steps. Depending on the type of pedicure, these are nail cutters, nail files, nail buffers, massage oil, cuticle nippers, cuticle pushers, pumice stones, etc. 

  • Professional pedicure process: 

  • You have to choose a professional salon. Your foot nails will be trimmed, buffed, taming out the pesky cuticles. You will also receive a soothing foot massage to relax. They will then apply a smooth nail paint color to your feet. 

  • Home-based pedicure process

  • Relax and soak your feet in water to soften them, then cleanse and exfoliate the dead skin. Calluses are tricky to manage at home, so manage them carefully. Moisturize and hydrate your feet. Cut nails and use buffers. After exfoliation, you can wrap your feet in a towel to dry out excess water. 

  • Types of pedicures

  • There are many types of pedicures, each with its own steps of application. Popular types of pedicures include Classic, French, Gel, Spa, Paraffin, athletic, Mini, Stone, Margarita, waterless, and chocolate Pedicures. 

    Cost comparison between exfoliating foot pads and pedicures

    The costs for the exfoliating foot pads and pedicures are as follows; 

    Costs for exfoliating foot pads:

    The exfoliating foot pads (50 to 100 pads) can cost around $45 to $100. However, the best thing is that they can be used multiple times up to several months. 

    Costs for pedicures:

    Depending on the selected salon type, the process of pedicures will take around $35–$60. You can also get about 15 to 20% discounts in most salons. This cost is for the one-time service. 

    Pros and cons of using each method for foot care

    Exfoliating foot pads:

    The pros of exfoliating foot pads are as follows; 


    • Most importantly, it can remove the dead skin from the feet. 
    • It makes your feet healthy, smooth, beautiful, and soft with time.
    • It's helpful to treat and heal the cracked foot. 
    • Rejuvenating
    • These are safe to use. 


    The cons of exfoliating foot pads are as follows; 

    • These are not fit for thick Calluses or corns present on the feet. 
    • The user might suffer from any allergies to any of its ingredients. 
    • If you are facing any foot problem or disease, it can trigger it. 



    The pros of the Pedicures are as follows; 

    • It promotes circulation in the feets, improves mental health, and helps to relieve stress.
    • It exfoliates dead skin, also moisturizes, and helps to attain smooth skin. 
    • This can help to detect foot problems and infections.
    • It prevents calluses and removes foot odor.


    The cons of the pedicures are as follows;

    • Salon pedicures can also trigger the chances of foot infections if they aren't treated properly. They might risk developing fungus infections and ingrown toenails. 

    How often should you use each method for optional foot health?

    There are complete details about the proper method of exfoliating foot pads and Pedicures for optimal foot health. 

    Exfoliating foot pads

    Using exfoliating peels or pads more often can also lead to redness and irritation. Many people prefer to use them every week or after 2 to 3 weeks for optimal foot health. 


    For optimal foot health, it's preferable to use pedicures after 4 to 6 weeks. This will help prevent infections and damage to the foot. 

    Combining exfoliating foot pads with professional pedicures 

    In professional pedicures, it's also a step to remove the dead skin. After removing dead skin, you can moisturize, clean, and paint your Toenails. Different types of Pedicures help maintain healthy foot hygiene with the combination of exfoliation. 

    It's essential to take care of your feet for smooth and soft feet, and exfoliation is necessary to keep them clean. That's why you can combine exfoliating foot pads with pedicures to gain the best results. 

    Exfoliating foot pads Vs. Pedicures: which is better for foot care? 

    You can use pedicures and exfoliating foot pads to get maximum results and brighten up your feet. The pedicure process, which includes nail health maintenance, is also helpful. The foot pads are helpful and mainly used to remove dead skin and maintain healthy foot hygiene. 

    In terms of costs, pedicure treatments are expensive compared to using and applying exfoliating pads. You can use exfoliating pads more often; however, for Pedicures, you have to follow the hygienic use tools and steps to avoid infections and increase use after a month gap.

    Wrapping up:

    Exfoliating foot pads and pedicures are useful for improving foot health. Exfoliating foot pads can remove dead skin from feet, and pedicures also include nail care steps and exfoliation. For pedicures, I prefer a hygienic salon. You can choose to follow any of the foot care processes, including exfoliation and pedicures. 

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