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How long does it take to begin seeing results with the Multi-Acid Exfoliating Treatment?

Results should be visible within 5-7 days, if not sooner. On day 6, we recommend applying a foot brush or a pumice stone to your feet at the end of your shower or bath, when the skin has softened some to help remove dead, dry skin.

To maintain softness after the Multi-Acid Exfoliating Treatment, we advise alternating daily between the Resurfacing Pads and the Ultra Hydration Oil to maintain smoothness.

My feet are dry, hard and cracked, would this really help? Which of your Roots & Bloom product would help the most or work the fastest?

We recommend starting with the Multi-Acid Exfoliating Treatment. This will give you the best results in a timely fashion or within 5-7 days. Please follow directions carefully.

Once you’ve achieved the desired results, we recommend switching over to applying a Resurfacing Toner Pads daily for maintenance. If your feet are extremely dry and cracked, we would also recommend using a pumice stone during bath or shower. The pumice stone should be applied gently and briefly around the entire foot assist the exfoliation process approximately once per week.