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Suggested Use: Start your foot therapy off by applying an Exfoliating Treatment Pad for 5 days nightly or before bed. These pads are marinated in a gentle foot peel that will go to work while you sleep, removing layers of built-up dead skin cells in just a few days. 

On day 6, gently buff with pumice stone or foot brush during bath or shower. Follow up with Resurfacing Toner Pads to maintain your newly smooth and soft skin, applying one daily to gradually continue the exfoliation process. 

For optimal results, we recommend adding our luxurious peppermint & rose scented, Ultra Hydration Oil to your foot care regimen, alternating daily between the Resurfacing Toner Pads and the Ultra Hydration Oil for added softness. This luxurious Ultra Hydration Oil, packed with an array of skin-enhancing nutrients and essential oils, may also be used whenever needed to drench your feet with moisture and hydration.

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