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Moisturizing Foot Balm

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Experience the difference with Roots & Bloom, where we bring a fresh perspective to foot care, combining innovation, quality, and the goodness of nature for healthier, happier feet


Deep Hydration: Immerse your feet in the nourishing blend of Shea Butter, Sunflower Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil, and Menthol for intense hydration, leaving even the crustiest dry feet feeling revitalized.

Instant Soothing Relief: Experience immediate comfort as the all-natural formula soothes and softens beautiful soft soles, effortlessly providing relief to even the most parched skin.

Hands-Free Application: Convenience at your fingertips – our balm stick allows for mess-free and easy application, making in-home pedicures a breeze and perfect for busy lifestyles.

All-Natural Goodness: Embrace the power of nature with a 100% natural moisturizer, free from artificial additives, promoting healthier skin and combating dry cracked feet.

Handcrafted Excellence: Meticulously crafted for quality, our foot balm stick is a testament to our commitment to providing premium skincare solutions, ensuring your cracked heels remedy is of the highest standard.

Versatile and Portable: Whether at home or on the go, enjoy the versatility and portability of our balm stick for anytime, anywhere foot care, addressing the needs of your beautiful soft soles.

Cruelty-Free Assurance: Feel good about your purchase – our product is cruelty-free, ensuring ethical and responsible beauty practices for your overall foot health.


Moisturizing Foot Balm
Moisturizing Foot Balm Sale price$40.00